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          Most consumers are price sensitive, he said.[2020-10-10]
          Wang called for strengthened monitoring of aftershocks and secondary disasters to prevent new casualties, speedier deliveries of disaster relief materials, resumed transportation, communication and power, as well as for an integrated mechanism to be established to coordinate all rescue and relief efforts and listen to feedback from front-line rescue and relief personnel.[2020-10-11]
          The case is the biggest of its kind at the Hangzhou checkpoint since 1979.[2020-10-2]
          In addition to providing jobs, the workshops are also generating tax revenue for the local government.[2020-10-15]
          In Chinas PC software market, more than 70 percent of the software is illegal, said Yu Weidong, general manager of the intellectual property rights department at Microsoft China, in an earlier interview with China Daily.[2020-10-6]
          A passenger waiting for her bus gets a cool spray at Lingyin Bus Station in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province on July 2.[2020-10-11]
          A lot of moms know the benefits of breastfeeding for both their babies and themselves; they really have a commitment to keep doing it, Makelin said.[2020-10-2]
          [File photo]Womans WeChat obsession costs her relationshipUsually people dont get angry at those who love taking and sharing photos of food on social-network platforms since they are just expressing their interest.[2020-10-6]
          The attack, just over two months after a female suicide bomber killed six people on a bus in the same city, raised questions about the effectiveness of security measures which the Kremlin routinely orders increased after bombings.[2020-10-20]
          An increase in Japans sales tax will not be a direct heavy blow to Chinese investment in Japan or bilateral trade, Zhang said.[2020-10-5]
          In the near term, containing risks will require reining in rapid credit growth and local government off-budget borrowing.[2018-11-15]
          The president pointed out that China-US relations should be handled in a long-term and strategic manner to expand cooperative areas and achieve win-win results.[2015-5-11]
          Localization to global markets may be required for companies trying to connect with consumers outside China, and they need to balance what works with the adjustments required in order to be relevant in foreign markets.[2019-9-11]
          I told him I could lend him money.[2017-2-23]
          BEIJING - Chinas railway carries 140.[2018-6-16]
          The first wildlife survey was conducted from 1998 to 2001, according to Liu.[2018-9-30]
          5 percent, while the number in the 680 impoverished counties was 5.[2017-5-17]
          [Full Story]Video: Securities regulator to crackdown on violationsCSRC head vows stronger effort on enforcementFollowing up on strong words about enforcement, the head of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Xiao Gang, said his agency would double its investigative team with 600 new staff.[2018-7-21]
          Robert also advises young people not to work for money.[2018-7-9]
          A total of 1,367 residents from 608 families living within a radius of 150 meters of Jianye Mansion have, so far, been evacuated to 39 nearby hotels and inns, Duan said at a news conference on Monday afternoon.[2018-7-31]
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