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          Yet our city monitoring teams have found that they are re-emerging.[2020-10-15]
          Wanda aims to raise its business revenue to 600 billion yuan ( billion) by 2020, with 30 percent hopefully coming from overseas businesses.[2020-10-23]
          Zheng says that for the past few years, the threshold for entering the market has been lifted, competition has becomes fierce and enterprises growth patterns have also been changing gradually.[2020-10-1]
          Group unveils plans to improve conditions for unpaid workforceStudent volunteers from Jiangsu University of Science and Technology play with children in Jinhe, Jiangsu province.[2020-10-24]
          The mist cannon, which is not well-known but gaining popularity, is a large machine mounted on a truck that sprays water mist.[2020-10-10]
          The report did not give the total number of participants in the survey.[2020-10-9]
          After all the wounded in the temporary medical center were treated, the team members finally had time to take a nap on the cold, wet ground with their clothes on.[2020-10-15]
          Que Yuewen, 28, from Chengdu in Sichuan province, is having fun with her new sleep app.[2020-10-6]
          Police will also enforce security near campus to protect primary and middle school students.[2020-10-21]
          Female pilots take a break.[2020-10-31]
          Qinfeng Pagoda has stood at the center of Qiandeng Town for 1,500 years.[2015-8-17]
          To prepare for continued travel peaks, the CRC planned 264 temporary trains on Sunday to carry them swiftly to their destinations.[2018-1-2]
          Not long after he lost his job, Wanxiang opened a factory near his home and Flores has been employed there ever since.[2018-10-8]
          So every year around this time, we all make this food no matter how busy we are with farmwork, villager Wang Yongmao said.[2015-3-19]
          The deep sea is so poorly known that finding new or unexpected things happens fairly often, Vecchione said in an email, adding that he was excited by the images.[2016-4-27]
          That is not enough, said Xu Zhengzhong, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Governance.[2015-11-29]
          The city has had an increase in taxi fares and it will be too much if the subway costs more as well, he said.[2015-1-27]
          Devos estimated that Amways China sales, which amounted to .[2018-4-18]
          9 percent in the first quarter of 2013.[2017-10-12]
          Growing importanceCoca-Cola plans to double its system revenue and servings by 2020, Kent said.[2015-7-3]
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