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          I am glad to see more and more countries involved in the forum and sharing their judicial reform experiences, which will no doubt deepen mutual understanding and accelerate regional prosperity.[2020-10-26]
          Oresharski echoed Li, saying Bulgaria and China share broad prospects for cooperation.[2020-10-31]
          Part Four is mostly about culture and education, with remnants of the past strategically hinted at in images of Jinmen Island, a place closer to Xiamen on the mainland than Taiwan and once a hotspot in an era of tension.[2020-10-5]
          The report said this would provide a chance for Chinese banks to overtake their foreign counterparts in terms of private banking business.[2020-10-9]
          The news resulted in several people attempting to panic buy cars that evening, but many failed to do so as traffic police and law enforcement preempted the panic buy and forcefully closed auto stores, witnesses said.[2020-10-25]
          The truck driver was arrested and will be tried for negligence.[2020-10-28]
          Those departments have treated 3,373 people.[2020-10-4]
          General studies on the subject suggest that 3-5 percent of the population of a country, regardless of its social and cultural contexts, are homosexuals.[2020-10-6]
          Ctrip, Chinas largest online travel agency, said it received some cancellation requests, but not many.[2020-10-13]
          The famous Furnace Creek Inn is a beautiful hotel that was built of stone more than 75 years ago.[2020-10-31]
          Upon completion of each course, students will be given a certificate by Xiamen University.[2017-7-9]
          2 kilograms, the cub seems to have grown a larger curiosity, too, as she showed great interests in logs, grass, grasshoppers and everything new to her in the wild environment.[2019-5-19]
          Canada is known for its world-class educational institutions, ranking seventh in international education, and for its friendly, relatively safe environment, said Gary W.[2018-4-4]
          [Photo/China Daily] Riverside greenbelts near Wulie River in Chengde.[2019-4-15]
          Li was weeded out in that competition last autumn.[2016-12-2]
          The report also claimed that more than 70 percent of VR heavy users are male and that 60 percent of them are aged between 25 to 34.[2016-12-8]
          Local education officials are arranging children in the kindergarten to tranfer to other kindergartens.[2017-1-18]
          In Western countries, 3-D MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) market is big in the PC and console category, but its not strong in the mobile category, said Riten Huang, general manager of NetEase North America and head of global publication of NetEase Games.[2018-12-26]
          Currently the success rate of Chinas transnational mergers is around 40 percent, which is higher than the global average of 25 percent, he said.[2017-12-10]
          The first China International Import Expo will further deepen the countrys opening up and promote economic globalization, Minster of Commerce Zhong Shan said on Sunday.[2017-1-10]
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